MANNA ミネラルウォーター 355ml 24本 - MANNA WATER
MANNA ミネラルウォーター 355ml 24本 - MANNA WATER

Mineral water 355ml x 24 bottles (1 case with 24 bottles)

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Manna mineral water produced by Chichiharu and Wudalianchi, one of the world's three major cold springs with abundant nature and water resources, is more than 30 rare, including bicarbonate and metasilicic acid, which are attracting attention in the beauty field. Contains various minerals.

Mineral water rich in more than 30 rare minerals including bicarbonate.MANNA is soft water with the hardness that Japanese people like, and is characterized by its mellow taste and natural sweetness. Since it is weakly alkaline water, it can be enjoyed by the whole family, from babies to the elderly.Not only can you drink it as it is, but it is also ideal for tea and coffee extraction water and cooking.

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■ Nutrition facts label (per 100ml)
Energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate 0g
Salt equivalent 0.03mg, sodium 11mg, magnesium 0.087mg, calcium 0.94mg

● Bicarbonate: 330mg / ℓ
● Silica (meta-silicic acid): 17.9 mg / ℓ
● Strontium: 0.13mg / ℓ
● Total mineral content:357mg / ℓ

✴︎ Hardness: 27.1mg / ℓ (soft water)
✴︎ pH: 8.4 (weakly alkaline)